Our in-house team of bid and tender professionals have over 10 years experience developing bids to a range of organisations, from SMEs through to large corporations, across the UK and internationally.

Whether support is required with technical questions, general questions, or simply a review of internal progress, BWL Consulting can offer bid writing advice and provide a fixed fee for completion with immediate bid support.

The professional bid services we offer include:

BWL Consulting's bid writers have unique industry experience which extends across multiple sectors and site environments; enabling us to deliver a high-quality service to a wide range of clients and industries.

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Meet the team...

Michael Lee is Director of Professional Bid Services at BWL Consulting.

He has a wealth of experience in writing, managing, reviewing and maximising the potential of bids and tenders for customers across a range of industries. He is happy to talk to you about your bid and tender queries, and offer advice and support over a free consultation.

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Michael Lee
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BWL Consulting's in-house team of expert bid writing professionals support clients and help them maximise their potential through a tried and tested process.

With a success rate of 92.94%, our services are competitive. We provide you with an experienced bid writer who will give you the best chance of winning the contract.

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