BWL’s non-contentious Construction Solicitors work at various stages of construction projects and have vast amounts of experience in drafting and negotiating on all aspects of the documentation required, including:

  • Contracts
  • Professional appointments
  • Warranties
  • Insurance policies
  • Bonds
  • Funding and lease agreements

Our non-contentious Construction Solicitors operate from our office in London, which is situated in the heart of the legal district and forms an integral part of BWL’s Legal Services Team.

We pride ourselves on our approach to non-contentious matters, drawing upon advice and expertise from our Construction Consultancy Services Team and other industry partners, as well as our portfolio of clients.

Our client base in this area is wide and ranges from SMEs to larger corporations. We work with property developers, property owners, funders, contractors and subcontractors across the UK.

Our Construction Solicitors work closely with clients to create a strong business relationship that instils confidence and trust. Our legal work in the construction industry is unrivalled due to our personal, tailored approach to each individual case.

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