Within our Construction Consultancy Services team, we carry out the Temporary Works Coordinator role on projects across all construction and engineering sectors.

Our professionally qualified team of Project Managers and Engineers support contractors from preconstruction phase, through to the construction phase and right to the handover of a project and ensure that the contractor's procedures for the control of temporary works are implemented on site correctly.

We understand the full definition of temporary works in construction and the appropriate classification of any temporary works on site.

When acting as Temporary Works Coordinator on a project, we support contractors in demonstrating they have in place effective arrangements for controlling risks arising from the use of temporary works, and that the appropriate arrangements are being implemented.

Working closely with the project design and construction team as appropriate, we follow a strict set of policies and procedures when acting as temporary works coordinator on a project. The approach we take reduces project risks and through the measures, we take in also costing temporary works, provides an integral part in managing the overall cost of a project.

In addition, as part of the core function when acting as Temporary Works Coordinator, we also provide accurate reporting to the through using robust project controls which includes RAG scoring.

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