At BWL Consulting, we not only provide traditional routes to dispute resolution through our experienced team of solicitors in Legal Services, but also an alternative approach to construction disputes through our dispute management process.

The Construction Consultancy team is comprised of experienced and highly qualified experts who are tasked with providing commercially focused dispute management solutions.

Our specialist team of Chartered Quantity Surveyors and Commercial Managers offer a unique route to resolving construction disputes which are often far more cost-effective than traditional legal means.

We do this by emerging our Quantity Surveyors and Commercial Managers into a project as early as possible and supporting the existing project team to provide the compelling commercial arguments required in order to manage commercial disputes before they escalate further.

Our specialist team are experts in construction contracts but also knowledgeable in programme management and engineering. Furthermore, they are also supported with advice and guidance by experienced solicitors within the Legal Services Team at BWL Consulting.

Together, our combined experience and co-ordinated approach ensure we seek the best possible outcome for our client’s construction disputes without the need to brief external lawyers.

In a holistic approach, the engagement of our team not only happens at the outset of a dispute but also at the pre-contract phase in establishing dispute avoidance strategies.

As we work throughout the life of a construction contract, should a construction dispute crystallise, and more formal dispute resolution procedures be required, the matter can be swiftly escalated to our Legal Services Team.

When this happens, due to our existing commercial integration in the project, our Solicitors are well informed and provided with accurate and robust substantiation to support any construction claim.

No win no fee construction dispute resolution service

Find out more about our innovative product to help Developers, Contractors and Subcontractors manage the costs associated with adjudicating construction disputes. Discover our no win, no fee dispute resolution service.

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Graeme Cochrane is Director of Construction Consultancy Services at BWL Consulting.

Graeme is a chartered civil engineer and chartered surveyor and brings large amounts of value to the team. He is experienced in offering support and guidance to businesses in construction and engineering. He is happy to talk to you about your requirements, and offer advice and support over a free consultation.

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