New Fixed-Fee Dispute Resolution For Up To 50K

BWL Consulting has developed an innovative product to help Developers, Contractors and Subcontractors manage the costs associated withadjudication construction disputes.

We understand that the cost of adjudicating a dispute can be daunting even if there is a strong case, but we believe our insurance backed product provides clients with the confidence to pursue a claim.

Fixed-Fee Adjudication

Our new, fixed-fee product allows businesses who have an adjudication of value of up to 50K to pay no more than 5K for our expert legal services. The new product was launched to support businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It aims to open up opportunities for businesses to resolve a payment dispute while limiting the impact on cash flow from legal fees.

BWL Consulting Director, Graeme Cochrane, explained of the new product:

“After the successful launch of our insurance-backed No-Win No-Fee adjudication product last year, we wanted to create a product more accessible to those businesses who have a claim which is usually too low in value to pursue. Sadly, we have seen that many organisations are closing their doors due to one or two disputes that have a value below £50,000. It has been a truly turbulent time for the construction industry with many companies going into liquidation, projects being halted, or cancelled altogether and the consequent impact on the sector as a whole.

This new branch of our adjudication product means that businesses seeking to claim up to £50,000 can get access to our expert team of legal and construction professionals, with a maximum fee for a resolution of £5,000. The aim is to provide reassurance to those businesses who may be owed money but feel reluctant to proceed due to concerns over mounting legal fees.”

The fixed fee adjudication product is available now, and those looking to learn more can contact Director, Graeme Cochrane, at or 0333 358 3603.