Homeowners across the UK can now add two stories to their houses without having to seek planning permission.

Until now, the UK has one of the lowest average building heights of any country based across Europe and the west. Planning permission can also take a homeowner up to sixteen weeks to get signoff with neighbours having the opportunity to object to any planned designs.

The new rules were outlined in parliament yesterday as part of a rollout of new laws being introduced.

Outdated planning permission rules have been overhauled by former Chancellor Sajid Javid and Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick as part of a new package unveiled by the Tories’.

The changes do not stop there; the new rules mean that construction companies and builders will no longer need to seek permission to demolish a commercial property that will be replaced by homes.

Homeowners will still have to adhere to traditional building regulations, including having consideration of the impact it will have on the appearance of the building.

Under the new rules, Councils will still have the ability to block extensions, but the reasons will be limited to flood risk, noise risk, and traffic management.

Hayley Gilbert, Head of Commercial Property at law firm BWL Consulting, said “The new rules will undoubtedly have a positive effect to many, particularly in urban areas where space has become a growing issue. With the recent pandemic, the removal of red tape could improve regional economies and have a measurable effect on social value.

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