The Commercial Solicitors at BWL have direct experience working in in-house legal teams of multi-national conglomerates and understand the pressures that General Counsels are under to manage headcount and legal spend against the demands.

Our legal counsel service usually involves the placement of an experienced Commercial Solicitor within a client’s business to cover instances of increased demand caused by a change in business structure, maternity/paternity leave, ill health, budgetary constraints, or the need to undertake special projects e.g. review of the precedent library.

Our outsourced service is also available to clients who must manage high volume, low complexity work e.g. contract reviews, and understand that it can be more cost-effective to outsource this function to BWL than to consume legal team budget on recruiting an additional headcount on a contract or full-time basis.

Our outsourced service can also be used for special projects e.g. legal due diligence or the drafting of contract management templates.

To find out more about our legal counsel services, or to speak to one of our solicitors, call us or complete the contact us form here.