Purple Box Land and Commercial Sourcing Ltd

Scope of services:

BWL conducted discussions with the team at Purple Box to find out about the type of business, services offered and the commercial requirements. Once BWL's Commercial Property Solicitor had a strong grasp of the business itself, we were able to assess Purple Box's needs and accordingly draft three bespoke land sourcing agreements.

Two of the Land Sourcing Agreements accommodated the needs of different clients and the other had an annexed bespoke Promotion Agreement.

Benefits of BWL's legal services:

BWL is an authorised and regulated law firm, and we have a team of qualified Solicitors with Commercial acumen and expertise. Our Commercial Property Solicitors were able to carry out services remotely, meaning there was no need for the team at Purple Box to take precious time out of their business.

Our competitive and fixed fees kept costs down for the client, and working remotely also helped with this.

Additionally, our flexible and helpful approach meant that the Legal Team often worked evenings and weekends to meet Purple Box's requirements at no additional cost.

Challenges and solutions:

Complex agreements often contain lots of overcomplicated legal jargon. Our Solicitors strive to avoid this by using plain English and worked through the documents meticulously with Purple Box in order to fully explain provisions and amend accordingly.

To find out more about BWL Consulting's Legal Services, or to speak to one of our Solicitors, complete the form on our Contact Us page by clicking here.

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    "BWL were highly detailed, diligent and knowledgeable in the bespoke creation of Purple Box’s land promotion agreements.
    Hayley was very proactive and played a key role in our agreements being completed to our deadlines and I would highly recommend BWL to any professional seeking legal assistance"
      • Tom Hoskin
      • Business Development Manager
    • Purplebox