London-based property developer

Scope of services:

The solicitors at BWL Consulting discussed the proposed project with the client from the outset to assess the needs and create a detailed process map to logically set out each element and stage of the project.

BWL's solicitors drafted a joint venture development agreement and introduced the client to the firm of surveyors BWL work alongside. They then provided land appraisal services and drafted shareholders agreements to document the roles, rights and obligations of the shareholders in the special purpose vehicle company that the client set up for the purpose of running the project.

Challenges and solutions:

There were many variables/moving parts to the initial proposed transaction, resulting in many possible outcomes. By providing the project process map at the outset, BWL's legal team were able to foresee possible obstacles resulting from differing possibilities, and proactively create documents and have appropriate actions in place. whatever the outcome.

Benefits of BWL's legal services:

BWL's legal team are able to offer a full range of services remotely in order to fit in with the busy schedules of clients. This included conference calling online and working out of office hours to ensure deadlines were met. The company director also travelled regularly to London to meet with the client face to face.

BWL has access to a large network of commercial and construction professionals who are always on hand to offer additional advice, support and expertise.

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