This case study outlines how BWL Consulting's Construction Consultancy and Legal Teams worked together collaboratively to achieve success in the adjudication proceedings for Expert Site Services Ltd, a modular building contractor.


Expert Site Services Ltd

Scope of services:

The Construction Consultancy Services Team at BWL Consulting provided commercial management and quantity surveying to support Expert Site Services with the negotiation of its final account.

As part of this process, BWL drew upon it's quantum and delay expertise to support the business with substantiation of the contract variations.

During negotiations with the project client, it was clear that a dispute had arisen between the parties regarding the merits of variations and final account value.

BWL’s Construction Consultancy Services Team supported Expert Site Services to align its position ready for adjudication. This included preparing all documents for the adjudication, drawing upon industry experience which created a robust case. The Team then worked collaboratively with BWL’s Solicitors who acted on behalf of Expert Site Services for the adjudication.

Benefits of BWL Consulting:

Using BWL Consulting’s Chartered Engineers, Chartered Quantity Surveyors and Solicitors, ensured that Expert Site Services had the best chance of success in the adjudication.

BWL’s Commercial Team supported Expert Site Services to navigate its way through the last months of the project while preparing for final account negotiations. This meant that when the dispute crystallised over the merits of several variations to the contract, and the overall contract value, BWL Consulting was already fully immersed in the contract and its intricacies.

The Legal Team at BWL then efficiently and effectively managed the dispute resolution proceedings, which resulted in success for Expert Site Services.

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    “The collaborative approach from BWL’s Construction Consultancy and Legal Teams meant that every angle was covered in the adjudication. The combined efforts helped us at every stage of the contract.
    Early intervention from BWL meant that they had the right level of understanding to provide us with the confidence needed when it came to adjudication proceedings.
    We highly recommend BWL Consulting for any business who needs support with managing the life cycle of their construction contracts.”
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      • Director
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